‘The Mystic of Marengo’ novel out now!

(by Daniel R. Jones)

I’m pleased to announce that I just released ‘The Mystic of Marengo,’ a fantasy novel set in small-town Indiana in the 1970s. This book is a prequel to a sci-fi series that will be released once a month in the back-half of 2022. You can order it on Amazon today!

Here’s a quick blurb explaining what the book is about:

Nobody in their right mind would want to spend their summer in Marengo, Indiana.

It’s backwoods, boring, and in the middle of nowhere. To make matters worse, the tiny town is settled on top of a creepy, sprawling cave.

And yet, that’s exactly where Anita found herself: stuck in Marengo with her grandmother for the summer. What could be worse than spending three sweltering months living in a trailer home with a woman she’s pretty sure is a witch?

Anita’s Nana is the worst kind of company. She believes in Fae, rambles about her psychic connection to cats, and disappears for long walks alone in the woods.

Left with no other choice, Anita decides to stake out and explore the spooky little town. But as she begins to uncover the sinister truth about her family’s history, Nana doesn’t look so crazy anymore.

The cantankerous old woman might really be psychic.

And she might be Anita’s only hope.

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