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  • A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Overdose, of a Child in Anderson (Prose Poem)

    A Refusal to Mourn the Death, by Overdose, of a Child in Anderson (Prose Poem)

    (by Daniel R. Jones) Ochre. Gold Siennas. Tawny-colored clusters and fallen umbers.I last saw him just before the fall.But these days, it feels as though there’s no such thing as Autumn. It’s just the extinction burst of a greener season. His child was a “junior.” He took his father’s name (in vain, if you consider… Continue reading →

  • Bez & Co- October 2022 Issue

    Bez & Co- October 2022 Issue

    Table of Contents: Book Recommendation-Pilgrim by Mary Tarantini• Daniel R. Jones Fiction-Piecemeal Peace • Jeffrey Wald Poetry–In the Holy Spirit • Phil FlottThe Moth • Gabriel ParkerLike Sparrows Satellite • Daniel Jones Book Recommendation: The Pilgrim by Mary Tarantini Mary Tarantini has become a mainstay here at Bez & Co. Her poetry leapt from the page since the first submission… Continue reading →

  • The Bodhisattva of IBM (Short Story)

    The Bodhisattva of IBM (Short Story)

    (by Daniel R. Jones) It was the sunrise breaking over Lake Michigan that inspired Austin Bishop to kill himself. He squinted. The horizon glowed orange. Golden fingers of sunlight reached across the water, but the sunbeams never quite reached him. Instead, they diffused and ceded to the darker ripples of teal that lapped across the… Continue reading →