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  • I wouldn’t call it a song (poem)

    I wouldn’t call it a song (poem)

    (by Daniel R. Jones) I never had the surgeon’s steady hands to producehyper realistic depictions of the natural world.Neither is my mind a fertile field. And when readerscrack open my prose and close their eyes,splendorous visions don’t spill through the ether,transporting them, at once, to the scene I’ve described. But today, I sat in a……

  • Sharon wrestles the ghost of Chuang Tzu

    Sharon wrestles the ghost of Chuang Tzu

    (by Daniel R. Jones) Pulled through a wormhole, the specter of Chuang Tzu glid across the centuries. He rose from the ground like the witch of Endor, spit out in a dermatologist’s waiting room, of all places. He’d been summoned to hold space for Sharon, a woman you’ve met so often, you’d swear Joe Campbell……

  • Reprobation (Poem)

    Reprobation (Poem)

    (by Daniel R. Jones) Outside the slaughterhousethe cows low out their one-note prayerbegging God to redeem this part of creation. Miasmatic sky oppressestrees of the field too weakto clap their hands. The sulfur and particulatefrom smog and smokeclog stomatic pores. Shagbark hickories splaya myriad of black fingers to the sky,pleading for vindication. Fish become flotsamcaracasses……