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  • The Thief and Theologian (Short Story)

    The Thief and Theologian (Short Story)

    (by Daniel R. Jones) The theologian sat studying manuscripts by candlelight. A rap came upon his window. Perturbed, he rose and opened it. “Ahh, it’s you, God,” he said, scowling. “I see why Scripture describes you as coming ‘like a thief in the night.’ I’ll have to make note of that. Now go away, I’m……

  • Performance Review (poem)

    Performance Review (poem)

    (by Daniel R. Jones) There’s a trick I play on my childrenwhen I need a little reassurance. I pull them close.I whisper in their ear:“Do you want to hear a secret?” They acquiesce.Every child wants a secret. I say “I love you.” They sigh, maybe roll their eyes.And it brings me such solace when they……

  • the looks on their faces when they find out

    the looks on their faces when they find out

    (by Daniel R. Jones) Bet it was bliss being Jesus, before the crucifixion, I mean.Before Judas’ kiss and the crown of thornsand the floggings and whatnot.Before the Romans rolled bones for his clothes. Bet it was bliss being Jesus, rustling through the Torah,strolling the streets of Nazarethwith that look on His face:just knowing He was……