Accepting Submission for Spring Issue!

Good morning, all!

Just dropping by to remind everyone that I’m currently accepting submissions for our Spring 2021 issue! I’m looking for original photography, artwork, short stories, flash fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and lyric essays! If you have interest, please check out the Submission Guidelines here.

Each submission that is accepted for publication will be paid at the rate of $5 USD. Payment is upon publication. Bez & Co prefers to use PayPal to pay its contributors. If you need alternative accommodations, please let me know upon acceptance of publication, and I will work to find a solution.

I’m excited to see what you’ve got to bring to the table!


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3 thoughts on “Accepting Submission for Spring Issue!

  1. My name is Eunice Erinma Chukwuka, but I go by the pen name, Erinma. I am an avid writer, who loves to explore the world of words.

    I believe words are essential elements in our lives and when used wisely, will produce beautiful results, with this passion and zeal God has placed in my heart, I love using it to exalt the magnificence of God and all his wonders.

    I am also a Nigerian student pursuing a BSc degree in Economics. I write mostly fictional peices that circle around Christianity, I also write inspirational works all to the glory of God.

    I have a blog, where I have published some of my works:

    My entries:

    1. The word, “Faith”

    2. Devil whispers

    3. Godly child.

    Are in the attachments below. Thank you!


  2. Okay, sorry! My bad! I recently just figured it out. The post on your blog was sent to me as an email, so I felt that I should submit it the entries there. Yes, I just submitted my entries to

    I am so sorry for any inconvenience made and for the late reply. I saw this comment not to long ago.

    Thank you! I wait in anticipation of your response.


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