‘The Lifter’ – New Single by Taryn K.

As “the regulars” to this blog are well-aware, I am passionate about artistry in any medium that brings glory to God. Spirit-filled work can be found in all varieties of creative pursuits.

Today, I’d like to put a spotlight on a new single by my cousin, Taryn K. “The Lifter” is a worship song from someone with true talent. Please give it a listen, and feel free to check it out on Spotify and Apple Music, as well!

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4 thoughts on “‘The Lifter’ – New Single by Taryn K.

  1. Hi. Please accept my apology for falling asleep writing the last bit. I shall start again. Hi, I see you’re passionate about God? I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind reading this poem i wrote for a genuine family last year who had a loss. I could then release it maybe.

    Gods Angel
    By DaveBegleyPoet 2018

    One day our lord
Looked down on earth
He saw a lad
Full of worth
A lad who brought
So much joy
God could not ignore
This boy

Not yet a man
But very bright
To the children ill
He brought them light
A loving boy
Missed so much
Close your eyeso
You’ll feel him touch.

The hearts of many
Who shed a tear
For your lad
So precious and dear
Such a talent
God took away
But why so young
We shall say

On earth no Angels
Shall reside
They all belong
At gods side
When god saw (Name)
Impeccably dressed
And his heart and soul
Stood out the best

He knew that earth
May tint this lad
So god does ask
Please don’t be sad
I brought him here
To sit with me
And forever now
He’ll look down on thee.

    Thank you so much 


    1. Dave, I can sense your love for the family that you wrote this for. I am sure they would feel grateful to know you were thinking of them and their lost loved one.

      Thanks for sharing it with me.


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